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About the website

This website is wonderful website for digital markting andsearching best institute for digital marketing

What is digital india .

Digital india is a flagship programme of the government of india with a vision to transform india into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much dose a digital marketing course cost ?

I am It may cost RS 50000 to RS 60000 for 6-7 months .

What Social Media Platforms Are Helpful For My Business ?

There are many social media platform for growing  business like Facebook ,Instagram ,Twitter ,Linked in ,Youtube ,Pinterest, Quora etc

Can AI Replace Human Marketgers ?

Human marketers bring a unique set of skills such as creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking that are essential for understanding complex consumer behaviors, and building meaningful relationships with customers. AI can help humans but cannot replace them

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do ?

They help businessess establish themselves on online platforms and achieve their goals.                         They offer services such as website designing,SEO, advertising, content creation, email marketing etc.